Learning to be Creative

I wasn't born creative; I had to learn to be.

March 20th, 2016

I’ve been doing creative things all of my life from playing the piano from an early age, to sketching and digital art, bouts of photography, creative writing and poetry, composing pieces of music, and web development to name a few. The truth is that I’m not a very creative person. That was slightly contradictory, I’ll rephrase… I’m not a naturally creative person; I just want to be creative.

My theory is that if I try hard enough, and given enough time, I’ll get good at being creative. This post for example has taken me 35 minutes to write up until this point. Approximately 100 words. It’s a good job that my degree didn’t rely on me writing creatively otherwise I’d probably still be sitting in the library and settling for the 40% late submission cap.

Truthfully very few things come naturally to me. I was one of the last in my university circle to understand programming fundamentals, the last to understand math formulas, needing private tutors when friends didn’t, the last to… you get the picture. So although some draw the line between ‘creative people’ and ‘everybody else’ and would argue that trying to force it doesn’t sound an awful lot of fun, I don’t mind because I’m somewhat used to the formula by now. Over time I got really good at the piano and composing, and somewhat decent at digital art and web development. My photography and poetry is still crap, I can’t kid myself with that. This all falls apart when I’m forced into situations where I have to be creative, such as music coursework where for two designated hours each week with the teacher I had to churn out as much creative work as possible. I couldn’t. I also stopped tweeting as much after gaining a lot of twitter followers (who have since mostly unfollowed) which was largely down to the pressure of tweeting funny or interesting things. My creativity doesn’t work like that. I need time to produce something worthy of showing the world.

I hope to turn this space into somewhere where I can practise being creative, organise my thoughts, and improve my writing; so please bear with me.

By Smittey
Posted on March 20th, 2016

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